GTIM More Insider Buying and May Investor Presentation

Insider buying has continued at GTIM. The CFO bought an additional 30,000 shares over the past several days, the CEO bought an additional 3,000 shares, and a director (Robert Stetson) bought 26,300 shares. Stetson is the director who founded US Restaurant Properties, a restaurant focused REIT, and who has held CEO and CFO positions at various restaurant and food companies, so he has deep industry experience. Stetson already owned something like 850,000 shares, so I think the fact that he still wanted to add more says a lot. Stetson had sold around 30,000 shares in September of last year, so he pretty much replaced those shares. So overall, I think this recent bout of buying by multiple insiders shows a strong conviction in GTIM’s prospects.

Also today, there is a new GTIM investor presentation which is part of investor meetings GTIM is attending.